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Old videotapes, movie film, sound reels, & photo slides should convert to modern viewing before deterioration occurs on the audio & film. Transfer your old media at Peel Productions with our experienced digitize services in London, Ontario. Our film transfer studio is accessible for you to drop off or mail in your valued audio & video media. We digitize, improve where needed, and maintain the quality from your original film. Some customers come to us after a large company previously did their work with errors or poor results. We do not outsource your family or business items. This can lead to a lack of quality and expertise. Professional transfer results, satisified customer reputation, and direct personable service have made Peel Productions the leader for film, video, & audio transfer services in London, Ontario since 1987. Learn more about our film transfer and photo digitize services below.



Film Transfer London, Ontario

Transfer old family home movies and business films to modern viewing formats. Peel Productions digitize 8 mm, 16 mm, and Super 8 sound reels for ease of viewing before they deteriorate further. Click here for more info about vintage video film transfer services.
35mm Slide 1 example - Before
#1 - (Old) 35mm Slide Film
Photo Transfer: Fix image brightness.
Old 35mm Slide: Dark film picture.
35mm Slide 1 example - AFTER
#1 - (AFTER) 35mm Slide Scan
Brightness levels edited, film colour improved.
35mm Slide 2 example - Before
#2 - (Old) 35mm Slide Film
Photo Transfer: Fix colour picture.
Old 35mm Slide: Film deterioration.
35mm Slide 2 example - AFTER
#2 - (AFTER) 35mm Slide Scan
Edited colour and removed dark dot damage on faces.
35mm Slide 3 example - Before
#3 - (Old) 35mm Slide Film
Photo Transfer: Balance colour.
Old 35mm Slide: Colour deterioration.
35mm Slide 3 example - AFTER
#3 - (AFTER) 35mm Slide Scan
Colour balanced out; faded exposure levels edited & improved.
35mm Slide 4 example - Before
#4 - (Old) 35mm Slide Film
Photo Transfer: Increase brightness.
Old 35mm Slide: Dark picture.
35mm Slide 4 example - AFTER
#4 - (AFTER) 35mm Slide Scan
Brightness levels are now normal; colour improved after editing.
35mm Slide 5 example - Before
#5 - (Old) 35mm Slide Film
Photo Transfer: Common outcome.
Old 35mm Slide: Dark & dull picture.
35mm Slide 5 example - AFTER
#5 - (AFTER) 35mm Slide Scan
Repaired slide vibrancy colour & fixed dark/dull issue.

Slide Photo Transfer

We scan your slide pictures locally in London, Ontario. Film transfer & reversal film such as your slide photos, are handled with direct care at Peel Productions. Slide Photo transfer has been a large part of our business since 1987. Your slides are never shipped off or subcontracted out to volume-based processing centres that operate through "fast" scan processing and rush job work. We take our time and only produce high quality results. Slide photo film can deteriorate over time with color dyes changing on the photo. Slide film can also be very dark. We can fix these problems and digitize a final product matching or improving the quality of the original reveral slide film. Learn more about Peel Productions: Slide Photo Scan & Reversal Film Transfer London, Ontario. Click here.

Videotape Transfer London, Ontario

Digitize videotapes: VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, 8 mm, MiniDV, Betamax, & Betacam.
Prompt service and good rates. We can transfer your video tapes. View More info. about the videotape transfer types.

Audio Reel & Tape Transfer

London, Ontario Audio Cassette & Digitize Reel-to-Reel Service
Click here for more info about our audio transfer services.
Peel Productions



Bob worked 19 years at the London, Ontario CBC broadcasting affiliate as a cameraman, colour suite editor, audio & video film technician, tv producer, and director. He was honoured and privileged to create multiple television series and programs. In 1987, Bob opened Peel Productions; specializing in audio/video production and home movie film transfer in London. Peel Productions' brand of high quality personable service has built an excellent quality reputation to film reel transfer, videotape, digitize audio film, reversal slide photo scan, and more. Peel Productions provides Canada-wide service, however, Bob continues to call London, Ontario home today.
Bringing past memories to modern viewing for everyone to enjoy.
Bob Peel - Peel Productions
Preserving your memories with Peel Productions

Most of our recent digital audio, photo, and video is both captured on our smartphones. Immediately accessible, shared on social media, and played wirelessly at home. Modern viewing through new media is convenient. In a day "long ago", specific machines were required to both record and play old 16 mm, 8 mm home movie film reels, vhs videotapes, audio cassette tapes, and slide reversal photo film. These types of older media that you'd find in a box or on the shelf at your grandparents' place; waiting to be played again with a simple request. Hopefully that is the case. Or maybe it is, but you just can't locate the box they were last seen in 15 years ago. But when we do find these "old" treasures, it's an experience that unravels wonderful personal memories deserving to be always there with us like the new media today. The unfortunate surprise some people can find though is wear and tear. Old movie films, video tapes, and picture slides might still look okay from the outside but the film itself deteriorates over time. As time passes with older media sitting in a box, the more problems can develop.

Over the years, our London, Ontario slide photo transfer service has proved some unfortunate issues with old film. Digitize work can reveal picture damage on photo slides with a bright red picture due to ink fade deterioration over time. Or with our 8 mm film transfer service; old home movie film can get exposed to moisture and break down. This type of old film is even found in audio cassettes and videotapes. Transfer of media at Peel Productions allows the preservation to digitize your film. "Digitize" the film means to convert old physical media formats such as: reels, films, tapes, and slides to a new digital file format. It's the same format you have on your smartphone and computer. The files created from this conversion process provide a more convenient viewing experience vs. the older original. Peel Productions also can improve picture clarity, fix dark scenes, and improve colour from your originals when needed. For whatever old media you have, we look forward to helping you through this process with experienced care and best possible results through our London, Ontario, film transfer service.



There's an increasing demand to digitize 8 mm, 16 mm, and Super 8 home movies in London, Ontario. Film transfer to digital (digitize) conversion at Peel Productions involves no quality loss from original and at times improving old film. Transfer machines at Peel Productions detect Super 8 film reels with a gold magnetic sound stripe and 16 mm film with optical sound. Some customers tell us a competitor did their movie reel digitize work with sound reels not being recorded after the transfer process. Film experience matters. Every home movie film transfer at Peel Productions is watched from start to finish; fixing brightness levels along the way. Just like the transfers, I hope to shed some more light on home movie digitize services, slide photo scan work, reversal film transfer, vhs videotapes converted to modern viewing , and more.

Additional topics include: London, Ontario Slide Photo Scanning, London, Ontario Videotape Transfer, Digitize London, Ontario Audio Cassette Tapes, Canada Film Transfer Service Quality, Home Movie Transfer in Ontario, Reel-to-Reel to Digital and Local Videotape Transfer. Stay tuned. 

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Our London, Ontario film transfer, videotape transfer, audio cassette transfer, slide photo reversal film & digitize scan studio also coordinates shipments from Toronto, GTA, Hamilton, Kitchener, Brantford, Chatham-Kent, Sarnia, Ontario, and Canada-wide. Email Peel Productions here for more information.

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